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Twitch live-streaming to be added to Xbox One on March 11th

by Shane Willoughby - on Feb 25th 2014 - No Comments

Twitch live-streaming will be added to Xbox One as of March 11th’s system update. In a chat with associated press, Twitch CEO Emmett Shear said, “It’s complete integration. It’s exciting because we’ve never had the ability to broadcast from a console like this with such a deep level of integration. The concept of being...

Irish site GamingForCharities aims to set two world records, get the details here

by Joseph Murphy - on Apr 30th 2013 - No Comments

Irish charity site gamingforcharities.com is aiming to set two new world records – all in the name of raising money for a good cause. The site aims to set two brand new records for the “Longest Videogames Marathons” in aid of Crumlin Children’s Hospital in Dublin. The games to be played include Minecraft and Elder...

Solidus Snake Speaks! An Interview with John Cygan

by Retroplayer - on Aug 23rd 2011 at 12:03 pm (IST). This post has No Comments

I’ve always been a fan of John Cygan. Johns voice, to me, is one of the most recognizable and best voices in the industry. When growing up I’d refer to him as “that voice” but only up until his role as Canderous Ordo in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic did I seek out the man behind the voice. Since Canderous and I had that unforgettable Star Wars adventure I’ve been a fan of his whether it be in animation, film or videogames. Upon getting in touch with him I was happy to find he wasn’t cold like Solidus or as blunt as Canderous. John Cygan, the man behind “that voice”, was an absolute gentleman and more than happy to chat with me. So, in this interview John talks about his career, Stars Wars, Solidus Snake, his work with Pixar and the motivation behind his work.