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Nintendo “preparing” Youtube affiliate program for gamers, details coming in the future

by Joseph Murphy - on May 29th 2014 - No Comments

Nintendo has confirmed they are “preparing” a Youtube affiliate program for gamers. The official affiliate program, which is currently being developed, will see revenue split generated from these videos split between Google, Nintendo and the creators of said content: “Nintendo has been permitting the use of Nintendo copyrighted...

Nintendo “preparing” for next console, “a single title” could change fate of Wii U

by Joseph Murphy - on May 15th 2014 - No Comments

Nintendo has revealed they are working on their next video game console and that the firm has “a clear idea to some extent about the direction our next hardware is going to take.” The news comes thanks to a Q&A session held during Nintendo’s annual financial results briefing in which Nintendo’s president Satoru...

Rumour: E3 2014 listing manifesto appears online, check it out here

by Joseph Murphy - on May 13th 2014 - No Comments

With the countdown to E3 2014 underway, ZeldaInformer claims to have been sent a listing manifesto for E3 2014. Of course, the listing below should be taken with a colossal pinch of salt, but does offer an exciting glimpse into the possible. Each firm is broken down with the Microsoft camp listed with Beyond Good & Evil 2, Gears...

Nintendo issues apology for not allowing same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life

by Joseph Murphy - on May 12th 2014 - No Comments

Nintendo has issued a formal apology to the gaming community for failing to include same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life. The firm’s statement, seen below, apologises to the community claiming same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life are now impossible as such a change, through patching for example, would require “a...

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire announced. Coming November 2014

by Shane Willoughby - on May 7th 2014 - No Comments

The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo has announced two new 3DS Pokémon titles in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Both games will launch worldwide in November of this year 2014. Both games will act as updates on the original Game Boy Advance Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire. The official line from Ninty is that “Pokémon...

GBA games heading to Wii U Virtual Console, first titles expected this April

by Joseph Murphy - on Feb 14th 2014 - No Comments

Nintendo has confirmed they will be enabling GBA titles for the Wii U Virtual Console this April. Revealing the news via the latest Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata confirmed the first batch of titles, expected in April, will consist of Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3, Metroid Fusion and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. If...

Watch Dogs Wii U faces yet another delay, Ubisoft releases statement

by Joseph Murphy - on Feb 11th 2014 - No Comments

Ubisoft has confirmed that Watch Dogs for the Wii U will face yet another delay. The news comes direct via Ubisoft, thanks to Videogamer, and reveals that Wii U owners will have to wait a little longer as Ubisoft places “focus the team’s resources” to deliver the best result possible: “We made the difficult decision...

Confirmed: Nintendo buys back Yamauchi owned shares

by Joseph Murphy - on Feb 4th 2014 - No Comments

Nintendo has confirmed they have purchased the majority of held shares from its founding Yamauchi family. Due to recent financial woes, Nintendo sought to purchase the remaining Yamauchi shares which totaled an estimated ten percent of the firm. The buyout, worth 114 billion-yen ($1.1 billion), will now see Nintendo gain 9.5 million...

The Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords free for 3DS owners, get the details here

by Joseph Murphy - on Jan 31st 2014 - No Comments

Nintendo has announced all those that own a 3DS are eligible to grab a free copy of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition. Revealed on the official website, US owners of 3DS and 2DS devices can now grab a copy of the game, free of charge, until Sunday, February the 2nd. The Anniversary Edition is a “special commemorative”...

Nintendo forecasts $335M operating loss, Iwata will not stand down

by Joseph Murphy - on Jan 17th 2014 - No Comments

Nintendo has predicted an operating loss of 35 billion yen ($335 million) for the year ending March 31, 2014, according to its latest financial report. See here, the report reveals Nintendo predicted net sales of 920 billion yen, and set a profit forecast of 55 billion yen for the current financial year. According to the latest figures...

Nintendo loses patent infringement case, will pay percent of 3DS sales to Tomita Technologies

by Joseph Murphy - on Jan 7th 2014 - No Comments

After months of deliberation, Tomita Technologies has won their battle against Nintendo. The lawsuit was submitted by Tomita in 2011 and saw the company taking on Nintendo over 3D technology patent that was eventually used in the 3DS. The patent put forward by Tomita, which can be viewed here, dates back as early as 2008 and allows users...

Dr. Luigi coming to Wii U on New Years Eve

by Shane Willoughby - on Dec 18th 2013 - No Comments

Ninty’s Year of Luigi will bow out in style with the release of Dr. Luigi on December 31st for Wii U on the eShop. Dr. Luigi hearkens back to the the classic puzzler action of the Dr. Mario experience that influences it. The game  will see the virus-busting gameplay of old with a few extras including new L-shaped pills that can...

Nintendo’s VGX Wii U game will be a previously announced title

by Shane Willoughby - on Dec 7th 2013 - No Comments

All eyes are on Nintendo at tonight’s VGX, at least because they are expected to make some kind of major Wii U announcement. However, it has now been revealed that the announcement pertains to a game that has already been announced. Following some initial confusion, Game Informer has now confirmed that Ninty’s Reggie Fils-Aime...

Nintendo “may have something special” to share at VGX next month

by Shane Willoughby - on Nov 22nd 2013 - No Comments

Nintendo appear to be lining up some kind of an announcement for next month’s VGX Awards. During last night’s episode of GameTrailers TV Ninty’s Reggie Fils-Aime said that the publisher “may have something special” to announce. It is save to assume that it is going to Wii-U related. Will it be a new IP? Or something...

See Super Mario 3D World’s launch trailer here

by Joseph Murphy - on Nov 21st 2013 - No Comments

Nintendo has released the European launch trailer for Super Mario 3D World. Releasing on the 29th of November for the Wii U, the launch trailer is about as rich with Nintendo goodness as you could possibly want. Hit play and feel all warm inside. ...