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Review: The Elder Scrolls Online

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on May 12th 2014 - No Comments

This massively multiplayer take on Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls universe places players in one of three factions in the world of Tamriel. As the various races and nations are in conflict, a serious threat looms, a god of enslavement who is trying to merge the mortal world with his own realm. The series has a rich story to draw on, and...

H1Z1 gets new gameplay trailer, watch it here

by Joseph Murphy - on Apr 30th 2014 - No Comments

Sony Online Entertainment has released the first official gameplay trailer for H1Z1. Despite a few streams cropping up now and then, a solid gameplay trailer has been lacking for H1Z1, until now. The zombie MMO is heading to PC and the PS4 with the new trailer showcasing the MMO’s guns, animations and more in action. Hit play and...

New Destiny video talks “The Devils’ Lair”

by Joseph Murphy - on Apr 29th 2014 - No Comments

Bungie has released a brand new gameplay video for Destiny. Titled “The Devils’ Lair”, the video goes beneath the ruins of the Cosmodrome and tasks gamers with banishing “The Fallen”. In fact, not only is there a wealth of gameplay to dissect, but there’s confirmation on a whole lot more to come at...

SOE reveals new zombie MMO – H1Z1

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Apr 10th 2014 - No Comments

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) showed off their new zombie MMO title H1Z1 at the  Game Talk Live show, during which SOE president John Smedley played a section. “The H1Z1 virus devastated mankind and left nothing but death and destruction in its wake and a world nearly empty of human life where the remnants of humanity are in a fight...

The Elder Scrolls Online’s launch trailer shows “The Siege”

by Joseph Murphy - on Apr 4th 2014 - No Comments

Bethesda has released the launch trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online. Entitled “The Siege”, the trailer takes viewers to the ravaged battlefield of Cyrodiil, where Molag Bal has claimed the Imperial City for his own. The alliances, we’re told are locked in conflict as they struggle to seize the Ruby Throne from the clutches...

Opinion Lab: The Elder Scrolls Online first impressions

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Mar 6th 2014 - No Comments

The Elder Scrolls games have historically been big adventures, filled with quests, locations to explore and characters to meet, but they have also been solo experiences.  Bethesda is looking to change that with The Elder Scrolls Online, the first in the series to add other players to the mix.  I put the game through its paces during the...

Elder Scrolls Online dated, brand new gameplay trailer takes you to Cyrodiil

by Joseph Murphy - on Dec 12th 2013 - No Comments

Zenimax Online has finally revealed the release date for The Elder Scrolls Online. The MMO will hit PC and MAC on April 4th 2014, then hit Xbox One and the PS4 in June. Coupled with the announcement comes a brand new gameplay trailer which showcases PvP combat, and just how you’ll be able to battle with and against your friends...

Jane Austen MMO hits Kickstarter, reaches funding target

by Joseph Murphy - on Dec 5th 2013 - No Comments

Yep. 3turnproductions has confirmed their KickStarter Jane Austen MMO has reached its goal of $109,563. The title, supported by 1,600 backers, met its goal three days ago and aims to send gamers into a virtual world inhabited by Asuten’s classic characters. According to the official blurb, gamers need not worry about weapons, triple...

New Elder Scrolls Online video shows character progression

by Joseph Murphy - on Dec 4th 2013 - No Comments

Zenimax has released a new video which talks more about character progession in The Elder Scrolls Online. Speaking to Lead gameplay designer Nick Konkle, the video talks player rewards and how, once you pick a race and class, how you can upgrade your active abilities, passive abilities, and aim towards discovering the ultimate abilities. There’s...

MMO’s to look out for in 2014 and beyond

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Nov 28th 2013 - No Comments

With the release of next-gen consoles the talk of the town at the moment, PC gaming has taken a back seat.  But what can the PC audience look forward to in 2014 and Beyond? Below is a list of anticipated MMO’s coming your way. Bless Synopsis Bless is a story-driven medieval fantasy MMORPG built using the graphic engine Unreal...

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn brings back the RPG in MMOs

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Nov 8th 2013 - No Comments

If you’re into MMOs and not playing A Real Reborn already, you should be.  I have been racking up the hours on this game and it’s fantastic.  If you’re not convinced it’s the game for you, I have got a couple good reasons for you to give it a shot. Tons of character options to choose from Five races, eight classes, eight tradecrafts...

Runescape 3 release date announced

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Jul 4th 2013 - No Comments

Jagex have announced the release date of Runescape 3.  As with 2004′s Runescape 2, it’s more of a major update, rather than a standalone sequel. This third levelling up of the free-to-play MMORPG is due to occur on July 22nd, bringing new “player-generated content” to the game, alongside an HTML5 engine upgrade. The game’s...

Elder Scrolls Online’s dungeons will be instanced

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Jul 3rd 2013 - No Comments

Elder Scrolls fans are getting really worried about next year’s Elder Scrolls Online, for fear that it will simply be a World of Warcraft clone.  A blog post on ESO’s website describes the innerworkings of the game’s instanced group based dungeons, and what it reveals plays a little bit to each side of that argument. Developers...

Guild Wars 2 trailer introduces the Sky Pirates of Tyria

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Jun 25th 2013 - No Comments

The Sky Pirates are invading Guild Wars 2! finally they’ve arrived in Tyria to star in this trailer round-up of the features being added in today’s update. Initially, that means a new story dungeon – Aetherblade Retreat – available until July 9th. Then next week, ArenaNet will unlock Not So Secret, a new jumping puzzle that will...

Military MMO War Thunder is in development for PlayStation 4

by Shane Willoughby - on May 16th 2013 - No Comments

Gaijin Entertainment has announced that military MMO War Thunder, is in development for Sony’s PlayStation 4. War Thunder is an MMO with “intelligent personalization, deeply integrated social capabilities, and innovative cloud options,” War Thunder contains real-time battles between planes, tanks and war ships. Each can be...