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Master Chief voice actor confirms Halo 2: Anniversary is a “thing”

by Shane Willoughby - on Feb 14th 2014 - No Comments

Steve Downes, voice of Master Chief, has all but confirmed that the long rumoured Halo 2: Anniversary Edition is a real thing and will release sometime in 2014. Downes told Gamezone that while Halo 5 is still a way off, Halo 2 Anniversary is something that we can look forward to sooner rather than later. “I think you may be ahead...

Master Chief Speaks: An Interview With Steve Downes

by Shane Willoughby - on Oct 6th 2012 - No Comments

Master Chief Petty Officer John 117 – your time has cometh once more. With only a month to go before millions of gamers the world over finally get their hands on the Xbox 360′s first post-Bungie Halo title, the Halo universe and it’s iconic olive drab armour clad Covenant crushing protagonist Master Chief, continues to represent...

Halo: Reach achievements revealed

by Joseph Murphy - on Aug 1st 2010 at 10:23 pm (IST). This post has No Comments

Just to remind you, below is a list of all the achievement in Halo: Reach so if you are so psyched that seeing them will melt your face then look away now. You can be sure that for

Halo: Reach "The battle Begins" Campaign trailer

by Joseph Murphy - on Jul 29th 2010 at 2:28 pm (IST). This post has No Comments

Sweet mother of god. Pop in your ear plugs as the internet screams with joy. The latest trailer for Halo: Reach has just been released and it’s looking incredible. Talk about getting you

Master Chief's return is coming

by Joseph Murphy - on Jul 26th 2010 at 11:18 am (IST). This post has No Comments

The recent Comic-Con event was fruitful in many respects but this news will prove to be the “confirmation” that will elevate the event way beyond the heavens

You Haven't Seen The Last of Master Chief According To Bungie

by Shane Willoughby - on Jul 25th 2010 at 10:56 pm (IST). This post has No Comments

Fans of Halo and Master Chief should be more than a little intersted in this. During Bungie’s Comic-Con 2010 panel earlier tonight, the firm told attendees that:

“You haven’t seen the last of Master Chief.”

So what does this mean? The Chief is in Reach? The Chief will appear in their multiplatform Activision title? Halo 4? Who knows?

Crysis 2 Writer Thinks Halo’s Story Is ‘Bulls**t’!

by Shane Willoughby - on Apr 12th 2010 at 2:44 pm (IST). This post has 7 Comments

Ouch. Crysis 2′ lead writer Richard Morgan doesn’t come with a mute buttom apparently. Speaking to NowGamer, Morgan spoke of the Halo franchise and how he thinks it’s not grounded with a good story. In his own colourful way he said that:

“Halo is full of these bullshit archetypal characters.”


“The reason that its fiction doesn’t work has nothing to do with the fact that you don’t get to see Master Chief’s face, it’s because of lines like ‘Okay … I’m gonna get up there and kill those guys.”

Poor Master Chief. O by the way, Morgan dosen’t think much of Modern Warfare’s story either so expect a very very special Crysis 2 plot.