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Hello Games on No Man’s Sky: We’re aiming for “true exploration, real discovery”

by Joseph Murphy - on Feb 6th 2014 - No Comments

Hello Games have expressed their resolve to create something quite special within the walls of No Man’s Sky, labelling the scope of the project as a “monster”. Speaking with Edge, the team at No Man’s Sky mockingly referred to the scope of the project as being that of a “monster”. Despite the small...

Star Wars Battlefront almost didn’t happen and Mirror’s Edge 2 only possible now

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Jun 26th 2013 - No Comments

EA may not have introduced too many new IPs at its E3 press conference, but with a new Mirror’s Edge and Star Wars Battlefront game underway, it didn’t really have to.  Thanks to a CVG interview with Executive Vice President of EA Games Patrick Söderlund, we now know more about what was going on behind the scenes. Söderlund admitted...

Pyro and Spy speak! An interview with Dennis Bateman

by Joseph Murphy - on May 27th 2013 - No Comments

Towards the end of 2012, TGL had the chance to sit down with the voice actor behind two iconic video game characters – both of which reside within the walls of Team Fortess 2. Dennis Bateman has offered up his voice work for both the Pyro and the Spy characters, and thanks to thousands of TF2 memes and walkthrough videos, Dennis’...

Vaas speaks! An interview with Michael Mando

by Joseph Murphy - on Nov 14th 2012 - No Comments

Vaas is probably one of the most vicious and threatening video game characters ever seen. As seen in previous Far Cry 3 videos, Vaas is violent, powerful and very dangerous. With Far Cry 3′s release approaching fast, TGL had the chance to chat with the voice behind Vaas. Michael Mando has worked on numerous TV projects, established...

TGL Interview: Alex Hutchinson and Jonathan Cooper talk Assassin’s Creed III

by Joseph Murphy - on Oct 9th 2012 - No Comments

Assassin’s Creed III’s development was quite unique by today’s standards when you think about it. Starting all of three years ago, the development has seen new blood brought on board, as well as a significant shift in creative direction – thanks to the new setting, new faces and a revamped combat system to mention...

Bully’s Jimmy Hopkins Speaks! An Interview with Gerry Rosenthal

by Shane Willoughby - on Sep 29th 2012 - No Comments

As school yard ruffians go, they don’t get much nastier or insensitive than Bullworth Academy’s own Jimmy Hopkins. Rockstar’s 2006 “Bully” (or “Canis Canem Edit” as it would become known as in Europe), took the publisher’s then ominous flirtation with controversy and contention to new depths of public objection and universal...

Raziel speaks! An interview with Michael Bell

by Retroplayer - on Sep 9th 2012 at 3:50 pm (IST). This post has No Comments

Here at TGL we interview many, many voice actors. There are however a select few that we would call true pillars of the voice acting community, actors that are absolute masters of their art. Michael Bell is such an actor. Both succesful both on screen and behind the mic, gamers would know him mostly as the voice behind Raziel of the Soul Reaver series. It was a true honour to interview Michael, I can tell you. Thanks for your time Michael, and the memories! Enjoy.

Sonic the Hedgehog speaks! An interview with Ryan Drummond

by Retroplayer - on Sep 2nd 2012 at 2:26 pm (IST). This post has 1 Comment

Ryan Drummond is a jack of all trades. While most of us will know him as the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog, he’s quite prolific on screen, behind the mic, and on stage. But how does such a physical performer translate those talents to voice over? We recently spoke with Ryan about voice over, how he approaches his work, and that little blue hedgehog himself. Enjoy.

Yuffie Kisaragi speaks! An interview with Mae Whitman

by Retroplayer - on Aug 26th 2012 at 4:28 pm (IST). This post has 1 Comment

Mae Whitman is a talent that has done something quite difficult- she has conquered both on the on screen and voice over worlds. Most of the time you’ll find people who seem to fit into one medium in particular, but Mae took on both and succeeded. Whether you’ve seen her in Independence Day, In Treatment, Arrested Development, or Scott Pilgrim vs The World, or heard her voice in Kingdom Hearts 2, Avatar: The Last Airbender, or Family Guy, it’s hard not to be a Mae Whitman fan. I had a chance to interview her, and jumped at the occasion. Enjoy.

Tetsuo Shima speaks! An interview with Jan Rabson

by Retroplayer - on Jun 17th 2012 at 3:12 pm (IST). This post has No Comments

This week we bring you an individual who voiced one of the most iconic anime characters of all time- Tetsuo Shima. However, the work of…

New SimCity video gives us an insider’s look

by Joseph Murphy - on Jun 13th 2012 at 12:53 pm (IST). This post has No Comments

The video shows nothing new, talks nothing particularly new either, but does talk a little bit more about multiplayer …

TGL Interview: Ubisoft’s Stanislas Mettra talks I Am Alive

by Shane Willoughby - on Feb 14th 2012 at 2:01 pm (IST). This post has No Comments

With its XBLA debut just weeks away, TGL caught up with Ubisoft Shanghai’s Creative Director Stanislas Mettra to talk about all things I Am Alive. Stanislas tells us about the uncertainties that underscored the project’s refocusing, why it’s important to think before you act in the game’s unforgiving post apocalyptic environment and why I Am Alive is best suited as a digital only release.

Laura Speaks! An Interview with Jacquelyn Breckenridge

by Retroplayer - on Jan 22nd 2012 at 8:50 pm (IST). This post has No Comments

Fresh off our Stargate coverage, I’m pleased to present to you an interview with Jacquelyn Breckenridge, the voice behind Laura in Silent Hill 2. Much like Heather Morris, Jacquelyn has remained under the gaming radar since her time spent in Silent Hill. Now, just over a decade later, Jacquelyn’s story can finally be told. A huge thanks to the great Jeremy Blaustein for getting me in touch with her. With Jeremy getting me in touch with Jacquelyn, and me getting him back in touch with Heather, I think we’re even. Finally, a huge thanks to Jacquelyn for allowing me to interview her. It was a real pleasure. Thank you! Everyone else, please enjoy.

There was once a Stargate RTS, says Perception CEO

by Joseph Murphy - on Jan 14th 2012 at 12:45 pm (IST). This post has 1 Comment

In our exclusive interview, which goes live tomorrow, Ben details that although the RTS was in the very early stages of development, it featured some RPG elements, as well…

Heather Mason Speaks! An Interview with Heather Morris

by Retroplayer - on Jan 1st 2012 at 6:02 pm (IST). This post has 12 Comments

Hi all, Retroplayer here. Since the release of Silent Hill 3 gamers have praised the performance of Heather Morris, the voice actress that brought life to its main protagonist, Heather Mason. However, what added to the mystique of Morris’s performance was that after Silent Hill 3 she, to many gamers, seemed to vanish. In this modern age we assume that it’s easy enough to contact just about anyone. But for legions of gamers they had no way of giving their thanks, and interacting with someone they simply appreciated. The worst part of all of this is for fans to assume this was done intentionally. In fact, as you’ll read in this interview Heather wasn’t aware of her impact on the gaming scene.

You know, in the past few months there have been communities of gamers trying to find Heather. From normal gamers to downright creepy Facebook Pages, it seems that some kind of “hunt” has begun to find her. Well, she’s found. But I started my journey to find her long before the masses on Facebook assembled, long before many simply wanted her to sign off on Silent Hill 3 HD. I wanted to find Heather for a number of reasons, most of all for her to basically tell her own story. Heather was an absolute joy to deal with and came across as such a nice, genuine and engaging person. I really want to thank Heather for doing this interview as it truly is one of a kind. Her story is indeed quite interesting, and the journey for me to bring you that story has been very, very long.