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New Destiny video talks “The Devils’ Lair”

by Joseph Murphy - on Apr 29th 2014 - No Comments

Bungie has released a brand new gameplay video for Destiny. Titled “The Devils’ Lair”, the video goes beneath the ruins of the Cosmodrome and tasks gamers with banishing “The Fallen”. In fact, not only is there a wealth of gameplay to dissect, but there’s confirmation on a whole lot more to come at...

Veteran Halo composer Martin O’Donnell terminated “without cause” from Bungie

by Shane Willoughby - on Apr 16th 2014 - No Comments

Acclaimed Halo composer and Bungie Studios veteran, Martin O’Donnell, has reportedly been terminated from the company “without cause”. Martin worked on every Halo game up to Halo Reach and has also contributed to Bungie’s forthcoming multiplatform shooter Destiny. Martin told Twitter this morning that the board of...

VGX 2013: Bungie drops new Destiny trailer at VGX

by Shane Willoughby - on Dec 8th 2013 - No Comments

Bungie has released a new Destiny trailer at VGX 2013. If you didn’t already know, the game will drop on September 9th 2014. It will go into beta on PS3 and PS4 first in the summer. Get the new trailer below. ...

OFFICIAL: Destiny launching worldwide on September 9th 2014

by Shane Willoughby - on Dec 7th 2013 - No Comments

Bungie has confirmed that they will launch “Destiny” worldwide on September 9th 2014 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The game will go into beta on PlayStation platforms in the summer. Xbox platforms will follow thereafter. Here is the full launch date announcement as it appeared on the official Bungie website just moments...

Bungie confirm early exclusive access to Destiny beta for PS3 and PS4. New trailer inside

by Shane Willoughby - on Nov 15th 2013 - No Comments

Bungie has confirmed that PS3 and PS4 users will get exclusive first access to Destiny’s early access beta. The studio revealed the news at SPIKE TV’s All Access PS4 launch event that took place in New York City. A brand new trailer was shared that you can watch below. Destiny drops in 2014 on PS3, PS4 and Xbox One and 360. ...

Bungie releases full HD E3 2013 gameplay reveal video for Destiny

by Joseph Murphy - on Jul 5th 2013 - No Comments

Bungie has released a full eye-blistering HD copy of their Destiny E3 2013 gameplay reveal video. The video, in case you missed it first time around, features two members from Bungie meeting up and exploring the massively multiplayer shooter’s world. Weighing in at 12-minutes, it’s a long video, but definitely worth the watch,...

Watch Destiny’s E3 trailer in glorious HD

by Joseph Murphy - on Jun 13th 2013 - No Comments

Did you watch E3 this year? In case you missed it, here’s Destiny’s official E3 trailer in glorious HD. The official trailer shows nothing but a shed-load of gameplay which was aired alongside the release of some very smart looking screens – which can be seen here. ...

Destiny gets official E3 screens, see them here

by Joseph Murphy - on Jun 12th 2013 - No Comments

Bungie has released the first batch of official Destiny screens. Courtesy of Neogaf, the screens show the labour of love the developer have thrown themselves into since departing from the halo franchise. It’s still somewhat of a mystery if truth be told, but imagine an FPS MMO – that’s where it seems to be all going. ...

New Destiny CG trailer explains the law of the jungle. Gameplay to debut on PS4 at E3

by Shane Willoughby - on May 23rd 2013 - No Comments

Bungie has released a new live-action CG trailer to their would-be multiplatform space epic Destiny. The trailer explains the law of the “jungle” and cuts to some pretty tasty space based warfare. People in the future also apparently still read paper books – which is great. The trailer goes on to confirm that the very...

Destiny confirmed for PS3 & PS4 at launch, offers exclusive content

by Joseph Murphy - on Feb 21st 2013 - No Comments

Activision has confirmed Destiny will ship for the PS3 and the PS4. Revealing the news at Sony’s PS4 reveal event this evening, Acti’s CEO Eric Hirshberg said the title will ship for both platforms, and offer PlayStation gamers exclusive in-game content. Expect more details in the coming months. ...

Bungie confirm Destiny to miss 2013 release

by Joseph Murphy - on Feb 18th 2013 - No Comments

Bungie has confirmed Destiny won’t make the cut in 2013. Releasing a statement via IGN, Activision confirmed the game isn’t included in their 2013 financial outlook, but will ship for current and “other future console platforms”. In fact, the publisher goes on to say “there should be no speculation or expectation...

The time is now: Bungie debuts Destiny with epic ViDoc

by Shane Willoughby - on Feb 17th 2013 - No Comments

Bungie’s has debuted Destiny for the very first time, and it’s reveal has been accompanied by an informative Destiny themed ViDoc. You can find the video below. It explains the always nature of Destiny and the mystery surrounding the white shere known as the “traveller”. Destiny still has no release date and it’s...

Confirmed: Bungie will officially reveal “Destiny” next Monday

by Shane Willoughby - on Feb 12th 2013 - No Comments

It’s official, following this morning’s ARG, ex-Halo developer Bungie will reveal their Activision pusblished “Destiny” this Monday. The developer published the following on their official site: Waiting for Destiny So, our game is called Destiny. In a matter of days, we’re going to give you your first glimpse...

Day Zero: Bungie opens Destiny AR game. Hints at some kind of Monday reveal

by Shane Willoughby - on Feb 12th 2013 - No Comments

Ex-Halo creators Bungie has opened some kind of Destiny themed AR game in a sub-domain of their official website. The AR site eludes to some kind of Monday reveal. According to the site, today is “Day 0/Zero” and the final day the site eludes to is Monday February 8th. The site also features some kind of interactive puzzle....

3rd times a charm? Details leak from Bungie’s next game…again

by Joseph Murphy - on Nov 28th 2012 - No Comments

Yet more details from Bungie’s next title have leaked online. The latest leak comes courtesy of IGN – which stems from a promotional document built by an advertising agency, for Bungie. According to the document: “Our story begins seven hundred years from now in the Last City on Earth, in a Solar System littered with...