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Opinion Lab: Hidden Thursday

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Jan 30th 2014 - 1 Comment

We have posted the odd opinion lab article and we also have our hidden Thursday posts.  With hidden Thursday we try to list a game that falls into the hidden gem category of games that either very few people played but was still a great game, didn’t have the marketing power behind it or was simply underrated. This post is a ‘cross-breed’...

Hidden Thursday: Okami HD

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Jan 9th 2014 - No Comments

There are a lot of hidden gems out there.  Some are still waiting to be found and other we already know about.  None more so than my next hidden gem.  Okami is probably the best known hidden gem out there at the moment.  One of the most underrated games I know.  At first it didn’t sell, but word start spreading about this...

Opinion Lab: How to get the best out of your PlayStation 4

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Dec 13th 2013 - No Comments

If you are one of the lucky owners of the PS4 the chances are that you have by now spent a couple weeks admiring the console, playing the games, trying to share videos and cleaning up drool.  The PS4 is packed with great features.  However, some of them may not be that obvious.  Below is a list of those features to help you get the best...

Hidden Thursday: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Dec 12th 2013 - No Comments

Our next hidden gem is another one of those games that didn’t sell as well as it should have.  Enslaved: Odyssey to the west, is one of those beautiful games that has tons of character, keeps you entertained and has a good story to match.  It’s also a long enough game, so you are getting value for your money. Enslaved is...

Hidden Thursday: StarDrive

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Nov 28th 2013 - No Comments

This weeks hidden gem is a steam title called StarDrive. You start with a single planet and a small space craft and you must travel into the galaxy and try take over new worlds and build your empire along the way while defending yourself and what you have.  How you play it is up to you.  If your gameplay is brute force or you like...

MMO’s to look out for in 2014 and beyond

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Nov 28th 2013 - No Comments

With the release of next-gen consoles the talk of the town at the moment, PC gaming has taken a back seat.  But what can the PC audience look forward to in 2014 and Beyond? Below is a list of anticipated MMO’s coming your way. Bless Synopsis Bless is a story-driven medieval fantasy MMORPG built using the graphic engine Unreal...

Hidden Thursday: Earth Defense Force

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Nov 21st 2013 - No Comments

It’s that time again to add another hidden gem into the forgotten pit bucket. This week our focus is on a great arcade style game known as Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon on the XBOX 360 and PS3.  It is a nice ‘pick up and play’ game and has that arcade quality about it that you hardly ever come across these...

Opinion Lab: How to do multiplayer the right way

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Nov 18th 2013 - No Comments

Recently we ran an article on “How to do online co-op the right way” this time I decided to write another article on how to do multiplayer the right way…if there is a ‘right way’ at all. Battlefield 4 is a great game, no doubt.  The multiplayer is great, the engine it’s running on is future technology, and...

Hidden Thursday: Wanted: Weapons of Fate

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Nov 14th 2013 - No Comments

Hidden Thursday is a new concept for you lovely people who are looking for something different to try.  Every…….you guessed it… Thursday! we will mention a game that we believe falls into the ‘Hidden Gem’ category.  This could be a title for anything; XBox, Playstation, PC, PSN, Xbox Live, Steam, web browser...

Opinion Lab: How to do online co-op the right way

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Nov 11th 2013 - No Comments

It was a cold winters day and Dead Rising 2 had just come out.  Being huge fans of the original my friend and I bought it.  I played the single player for an hour or two and enjoyed it, but I decided to join my friend’s game to see what was happening. My friend turns up on his bike. I remain quiet as the cut scene starts, but my friend...

Opinion Lab: Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Nov 8th 2013 - No Comments

We all have our own personal opinions on games.  That’s why video games are great talking points with friends.  With our new opinion lab it will give you, the TGL followers, a chance to voice your opinion on certain games.  Each week, we will discuss a game and give our own personal opinion on it and you can join the debate. This...

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn brings back the RPG in MMOs

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Nov 8th 2013 - No Comments

If you’re into MMOs and not playing A Real Reborn already, you should be.  I have been racking up the hours on this game and it’s fantastic.  If you’re not convinced it’s the game for you, I have got a couple good reasons for you to give it a shot. Tons of character options to choose from Five races, eight classes, eight tradecrafts...

Why video games are good for you

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Nov 8th 2013 - No Comments

Video games have been blamed for everything from causing aggression to giving you square eyes and a zombie like brain.  But what if video games are actually good for you? Appendix Today, a growing area of brain research, suggests modern fast-paced action video games, in particular first-person shooter games may sharpen your vision,...

Cry of Fear is a perfect example of a hidden gem

by Ciaran Pempelfort - on Jul 4th 2013 - No Comments

Are you looking for a hidden gem? If so, let me make a recommendation – Cry of Fear! Now here is a game which has made me wet myself (not literally) quite often. Cry of Fear is a free downloadable horror game from Steam which runs on the Half Life engine. Don’t let critics’ comments of “overrated mod” put you off at all, as...

Conker’s Bad Fur Day creators release director’s commentary 12 years on from release

by Shane Willoughby - on May 28th 2013 - No Comments

A handful of the creators behind the infamous 2001 N64 Rare developed “Conker’s Bad Fur Day” have got to get for the sake of nostalgia to produce a handful of director’s commentary videos for the game, some 12 years on from its original release. Designer Chris Seavor and programmers Shawn Pile and Chris Marlow...