Konami has released the very first Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 screenshots, and has confirmed that the game will release on PS3, 360, PC and PSP and NOT on PS4, Xbox One, 3DS or Vita.

“Not in the business for high-res next-gen ports,” PES Europe’s community manager Adam Bhatti, said on Twitter. wrote. “We can’t and shouldn’t do that. Bad habit etc. The fact we’re not on PS4 or Xbox One with PES 2014 is simple: we can’t and shouldn’t be just using higher quality textures etc should be new.

“In the past people accused us of being lazy. We’re adamant of not making the same mistakes, and making sure we create amazing football games. It’s hardly amazing making the next-gen version prettier. We shouldn’t have that mentality, and you shouldn’t expect that. Aim higher.

“I think it’s important to remember our biggest markets, where we are number one [Latin America and Asia] won’t shift to next-gen as quick as Europe. We can’t just leave our most passion fans behind. Besides, the quality of the current version is high enough.”

“I’m a gamer like you, [and] can’t wait for next-gen, so I feel your pain. But once u see PES 2014 in action, that pain will disappear. It’s stunning.”

PES 14 is due later this year.

Thanks to Eurogamer.