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Winners are as follows:

  • Dead Space: Liberation: Mattie Wright
  • “The art of Dead Space” art book: Derek Furlong

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TGL has teamed up with Titan Publishing to give you a chance of nabbing a copy of Dead Space: Liberation, or the “The art of Dead Space” art book.

Dead Space: Liberation sees Christopher Shy return to ink yet another stunning graphic novel (much like Dead Space: Salvage). Written by acclaimed writer Ian Edginton, Dead Space: Liberation follows Sergeant John Carver as he is caught up with:

“events beyond his control when religious fanatics attack the alien Marker site where his wife works.  Racing to rescue his family, Carver is forced to band together with Ellie Langford, a survivor of an earlier Necromorph outbreak, and the highly trained Captain Robert Norton.  Together they unlock deep and forgotten secrets about the Markers in an epic race against time that will determine the fate of mankind.”

If graphic novels aren’t your thing, then you have a chance to grab “The art of Dead Space”. A lavish full-color hardcover art book, “The art of Dead Space” is packed full of 300+ images including original concept art images and sketches, as well as:

“many never seen before, and detailed commentary from the acclaimed artists — from breathtaking spacescapes and terrifying Necromorphs to character designs and creating a religion. This book includes art from the Dead Space games: Dead Space, Dead Space: Extraction, Dead Space: Ignition, Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3, and concept art from the graphic novels Dead Space: Salvage and Dead Space: Liberation.”

Titan are keen to note that they are also publishing a Limited Edition version of “The Art of Dead Space”. Available in March, via the Titan Exclusives Shopify site, the Limited Edition book, priced at ($75), has a limited run of 1000 copies, and will come in a glossy laminated slip-case, as well as featuring a signed print by game artist Patrick O’Keefe.

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