On Thursday February 7th 2013 (two days ago, duh!), Square-Enix registered the domain www.warfornosgoth.com. For those of you in the know, Nosgoth is where the Legacy of Kain series takes place. Is the LOK series about to get the reboot it so deserves?

A simple Who-Is search for the domain connects it to right to Square-Enix. Square-Enix publish Eidos titles. Legacy of Kain is an Eidos IP.

As for the Nosgoth reference, The Land of Nosgoth is a fictional setting in which the entirety of the series takes place. Nosgoth is regarded by characters in-game as a dying world, and each game in the series depicts different moments in the transition of the land from abundance to desolation, though in a non-sequential order. The ultimate fate of Nosgoth, and its potential redemption and restoration to its former glory, is the most-prominent and oft-recurring theme in the storyline of the overarching series, and has yet to be resolved as of LOK: Defiance.

It’s been 13 years this year since the release of Defiance. Other than the odd filler cameo in other Eidos games like Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light, nothing has been seen of Kain or Raziel in a long time. Cross your fingers and toes this series is on the cusp of a comeback.

Thanks to AGB.