February 2nd is “Hedgehog Day” and word on the street this morning (by street we mea, the internet of course) is that SEGA might be gearing up to reveal a brand new Sonic title next month.

While there is nothing concrete out there to suggest that the game reveal will actually happen, The Sonic Stadium understands from SEGA sources close to the site that some time next month, a brand new Sonic game will be announced for literally every piece of hardware out there, be it portable, mobile or console. In addition, the game will also be announced for “next-gen” hardware too.

The new game is rumoured to be in development BEFORE the release of Sonic Generations. It is said to include 20 three-act stages, multiple playable characters, and both 2D and 3D playable sections.

This is still just a rumour for now. We will keep you updated.

Thanks to The Sonic Stadium.