A poster of what appears to be a Crash Bandicoot redesign has been curiously spotted in a photograph posted by Skylanders developers Vicarious Visions on their Facebook page. The image has since been removed. Vicarious Visions are responsible for a handful of Skylanders inspired iOS titles and Sypro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants on 3DS and WiiU respectively.

The image (see above and below) shows a redesigned Crash on a poster in the back of the room during Vicarious Vision’s 2012 Games Jam. NeoGAF user TimmiT spotted the image and spread it around.

It’s very possible that Crash could well be about to make a guest appearance in Skylanders in some way shape or form. This character model is one we’ve never seen before.

It’s been five years this year since Crash last had his own game. He’s long overdue a reboot.

Thanks to GI.