Last night, Moby Dick Studios (we’ve never heard of them either!) produced one of the best trailers of the Spike TV Video Game Awards with their debut impressive short for “The Phantom Pain”.

Now that the dust has settled on the awards and the reveal, many news outlets, fans and bloggers are speculating that “The Phantom Pain” just might not be the original new IP it wants us to think it is. The Phantom Pain, for whatever reason, has some striking similarities with the greater Metal Gear Solid series, and as such, might actually be an elaborate MGS themed troll.

Here’s what we know:

The studio behind the game are based in Sweden and they are developing a title for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The studio was founded by one Joakim Mogren. “Joakim” is an anagram of “Kojima”, as in Hideo Kojima and Mogren is a football club in Montenegro which is where the opening of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is known to take place. The word “ogre” can also be seen in Mogren, a reference some believe to Kojima’s oft teased Project Ogre.

The trailer itself appears to show a character akin to Big Boss/Naked Snake. He certainly has all the physical attibutes, hair, beard, body scars etc. If you watch the trailer, some believe that MGS3 antagonist Colonel Volgin can be seen. Towards the end, many believe it is Psycho Mantis you can see floating above everyone’s head. But again, this is all speculation and isn’t exactly convincing proof.

The most interesting point of all though comes from journalist Alex Rubens who tweeted the following: “There are people in the VIP section of the Konami party wearing Phantom Pain/Moby Dick Studios t-shirts. They aren’t talking about anything. And no, they aren’t Swedish.”

So what the hell is going on? Who knows? Is it an original IP? Is it something to do with MGS: Ground Zeroes? MGS: V? No one is saying either? Watch the trailer for yourself below and decide for yourself. Start the video from about 10 minutes and 40 seconds.