Brand new GTA V details have hit the web.

The details, which appeared via digital copies of the Game Informer magazine, confirm a whole bevy of brand new details. Here’s a breakdown of the new stuff:

  • Protagonists are listed as “Michael”, “Trevor” and “Franklin”
  • Protagonists live miles apart – play can switch between each of them – at any time – using a “radial dial”
  • Swtiching only works when not on a designated mission
  • Players can use all three protagonists to work together in heist missions
  • Each character has exclusive mini-games to take part in outside of missions
  • There will be “no major names” voicing the protagonists
  • Rockstar has confirmed players should “not expect” to see CJ or Tommy Vercetti as they would be like “mythical characters” in Los Santos
  • Mobile phones will return
  • Dyamic missions, like the random ones from Red Dead: Redemption, will appear to GTA V
  • The city is one large expansive area, instead of broken down islands
  • Los Santos is bigger than the worlds in Red Dead: Redemption, GTA IV and GTA: San Andreas combined
  • Areas include Beach fronts, military bases, Mt. Chiliad and a “fully detailed ocean floor”
  • The ocean floor provides “the same attention” as the above land with deep ravines, rocky canyons, coral beds and more to explore
  • The draw distance in GTA IV was “about 1.5km”, GTA V aims to render “the most distant mountains… many many miles away”
  • GTA V will see the return of Ammu-nation
  • Driving has been revamped with new physics
  • Shooting has evolved with Rockstar claiming there’s an evolution in “how you play the game”

Grand Theft Auto V’s new trailer, trailer #2, drops on the 14th of this month.

Thanks, gtavaction