We were waiting for this to surface….

Last weekend, we here at TGL hosted a Q&A Panel at Arcade Con 212 in Dublin with acclaimed voice actor Quinton Flynn, best known to gamers as the voice of Raiden in the extended Metal Gear franchise.

As part of the panel, we arranged that our Q&A session would be interrupted by a CODEC call or two from a couple of Raiden’s old Metal Gear friends, Solid Snake and Colonel Roy Campbell. TGL’s buddies David Hayter and Paul Eiding lent their voices to a handful of original CODEC voice overs for us and it goes without saying that they did an incredible job. I think the reaction of the audience to the Solid Snake CODEC below says it all.

We’re going to go ahead and publish every CODEC video and tell you the story behind the CODEC calls very shortly. Watch this space. In the mean time, enjoy the video below provided by YouTube user JenniferMulkerrin.

When asked by a fan in the audience if Quinton can do a good David Hayter/Solid Snake impersonation, a certain somebody calls in with his own “impersonation”. Enjoy.