Kojima Productions has big plans for E3 this year, with the latest Kojima Productions Report podcast confirming that fans of the studio have “a lot to really look forward to” at the conference in June.

KP report hosts Sean Eyestone and Kendoza spoke about how the studio is very much working towards E3, with a lot of “big things” in place for next month’s showcase.

Additionally, the podcast discusses about the mysterious Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance teasers that have doing the rounds online of late, reassuring fans that even if everything seems a bit strange, weird and cryptic at the moment, it will all make sense and come together in the end. We can also expect some answers relating to the cryptic Revengeance teasers in the run up and before E3.

The remainder of the podcast, among other things, talks about Hideo Kojima’s ongoing European 25th Anniversary Metal Gear tour, and answers random Metal Gear/KP questions/comments from fans as per the podcast norm. Most of these comments relate to Revengeance.

Here’s the Kojima Productions Report Podcast # 160 in full.