Half-Life 3 is real.

After years and years of rumour and speculation, Valve has confirmed that Half-Life 3 will finally see the light of day this year and will be exclusive to Nintendo’s Wii-U console. This will be the first time that a Half-Life game will be appearing on a Nintendo console.

“We’re thrilled to finally lift the lid on the next Half-Life”, said Valve’s Nabe Gewell at a reveal event in Dublin earlier this afternoon. “The reason it’s taken us this long to announce Gordon Freeman’s latest adventure is because it is only now, with the power of the Wii-U, that we can finally give the patient and dedicated Half-Life fans the true sequel they deserve.”

Although Nabe refused to give away any details in terms of plot, gameplay and setting, he did confirm that Alyx will once again accompany Gordon, presumably in pursuit of the mysterious experiment on board the Borealis. He did reveal however that Alyx’s name will be re-spelt to make it more accommodating for Wii-U audiences and will now be spelt A-L-E-X. It is also understood that Valve are developing some kind of crowbar peripheral for the Wii-U, but as ever, exact details are scarce. The game will include day one paid DLC, all of which can be rather handily found on the disc. Pre-order incentives will include an array of new hats for Gordon and Alex, a limited edition “Gold” crowbar and a Nihilanth multiplayer skin. Alex will now be voiced by Nolan North. Gordon will remain mute, but his grunts and moans will be provided by David Hayter.

Half Life 3 is expected to launch alongside the Wii-U in time for Christmas. That’s all we know for now.