American McGee’s next game with his Shanghai based studio Spicy Horse is Akaneiro: Demon Hunters.

Consistent with American McGee’s fascination with taking fairy tales and putting a dark twist on them, Akaneiro is said to be heavily influenced by the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Of course, American McGee’s last two game’s concentrated on the timelss story of Alice in Wonderland.

Here’s what we know. The game is set in Japan in the late Edo period, is a top down free-to-play action RPG for PC, web and tablets and take’s Red Riding Hood’s story and frames it into a Japanese folklore setting. You play as Red Riding Hood and the Arkane, a group of Demon Hunters and will explore themes as diverse as colonisation and cultural clash.

It sounds very interesting. Head over to Kotaku for the full scoop.