It looks like the Irish Playstation 3 Netflix roll out has begun.

A quick reboot of your Playstation 3 should make Netflix appear on your XMB under TV/Video Services. It’s just appeared on our PS3.

However, as it is, you can only download the program and not actually use the service just yet. The download comes in at 13MB. It is also being reported that the Netflix logo has begun appearing on PS3′s in the UK too.

Now, we’ve made a few phone calls and it appears that Netflix is not yet appearing on everyone’s PS3 on the Emerald Isle for whatever reason. Trying rebooting your machine and it should appear. If that dosen’t work, you’ll have to be patient. It will appear eventually.

Netflix was first announced for PS3 for the UK and Ireland back in October with a release set for “early 2012″.