Rumoured throughout the day, it appears that many gamers – even with the VGAs coming – will have a weekend of sadness and disbelief. GSC, developers of the STALKER franchise is now a thing of the past. Confirmed by founder Sergey Galenkin on his official blog, the latest update is:

“GSC is closed, a fact confirmed by all. The team is almost completely dissolved, the state has only a few people”.

With soaring costs for development, and a console deal falling through – STALKER 2 never stood a chance. The franchise, beloved by many, will now become part of history. What will the future hold for the team? Who knows. For now, why not boot up STALKER and give it one more run – for old times sake? We wish all those affected the best.

You can also check out a batch of artwork for STALKER 2 here.

Thanks, RPS