European retail copies of Battlefield 3 include a mysterious MOH logo that suggests that something new is about to happen in the world of Medal of Honor.

Printed on the back of BF3′s Online Pass insert, players will find an evil looking smiling face badge (see above) embezzled with ‘MOH 1′. The insert then directs your attention to the official Medal of Honor website. An 18′s certificate can be found in the bottom left hand corner with ‘TBC’ covering the number. This certificate suggests that the insert is relating to some kind of unseen or unannounced gaming content. The bottom of the insert reads “2011 Electronic Arts Inc. Medal of Honor is a trademark of Electronic Arts Inc”. The insert can be found in all retail copies of BF3 on all formats.

What does this mean? New DLC? A new game announcement? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Given that the last Medal of Honor came out this time last year, it’s hard to believe that this is a reference to it and must be for something else.

Battlefield 3 is available in Europe this October 28th.