Following last week’s Tokyo Games Show, the acclaimed Zone of The Enders franchise has been in receipt of some noticeable exposure, with fans hoping that Hideo Kojima himself would finally announce the long awaited third instalment in the franchise. Although an announcement never game, Kojima went so far as to confirm that development on a third game had started at one point and that it is his hope to one day finish the game and get it out.

So, with all this sequel talk, TGL were reminded of an interview we conducted with voice actress Jean Mazzei, the voice of stalwart ZOE antagonist, Viola. We spoke to Jean as part of voice actor week last month and she made reference to a new ZOE game. However, it wasn’t the sequel we were expecting, this was a prequel.

When asked if she would like to work on another ZOE game again, Jean reiterated that she would love to work with Kojima Productions on another game, how she was upset by Viola’s demise and how the KP team that they were considering bringing Viola back in a prequel.

TGL: So would you return to voice Viola if given the opportunity?

JM: Absolutely. I was bummed that she died. And I remember Ken Ogasawara being bummed as well. He mentioned that they might bring her back in a prequel, or have her visit from the other world. I told him I’d love to come back from the dead to play Viola.

Read the full interview here. If you fancy a bit of extra reading, then read this interview with Remy Le Boeuf, the voice of ZOE 1′s Leo Stenbuck.

The next ZOE game, a HD re-mastering of the original game and the 2nd Runner, is expected on PS3 and 360 in 2012.