Earlier this afternoon the profile of Leigh Donoghue, a environment artist who worked at Rockstar revealed what looks like the very first images of previously announced PS3 exclusive Agent. It’s worth nothing that Leigh’s profile also lists Grand Theft Auto V as a game he has worked on.

As an employee of Rockstar North, Leigh worked as a senior Environments Artist on the following:

1. Zed Rockstar Games Not Released
2. Grand Theft Auto IV Rockstar Games 2008
3. GTA IV episodic content Rockstar Games 2009
4. Agent Rockstar Games TBA
5. Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Games 2011

It’s worth noting that the GTA V listing is accompanied by the year “2011″ although its hard to say what that actually means. It’s hardly a release date.

Check out Leigh’s profile here.

Thanks to Brian O’Dubhali for the tip.