Sony have filed a trademark registration for Infraworld.

The game, once in development by Quantic Dream, was canned during the early stages of development, but now it seems it’s back from the dead. In case you never spotted it, Heavy Rain contained a rather blatant easter egg which hinted at the existence of the title (see pic below).

In fact, only recently, David Cage had quite a lot to say to the chaps over on the Sony blog about lessons learned from their experience with Heavy Rain and what’s to come:

For our next project we’re going to build on what we have discovered with Heavy Rain. We own this genre of Interactive Drama and we want to show that Heavy Rain was not a coincidence; it is something that makes sense and we can build on it.

At the same time, we will not make a sequel and I made that very clear from the beginning, regardless of whether the game was a success or a failure, because I wanted to show that this is a new genre that you can use to tell any kind of story, in any style.

We’re going to be exploring a different direction, which will still be very dark and still for adults, but completely different to Heavy Rain. Our challenge is to satisfy our fans, and also surprise them.

Is Infraworld back on? Can “interactive drama” once again capture out imagination and interest?

Thanks, CVG