Yesterday it was reported that Konami’s Silent Hill HD Collection on PS3 will feature new voice performances, with the original voice work being re-done to compliment the HD release. This news has met with mixed reactions from fans, mainly due to the fact that changing the voices of characters like James, Maria and Heather will almost certainly alter the unique experience and atmosphere created by both Silent Hill 2 and 3.

TGL got in touch with Guy Cihi, the voice of Silent Hill 2 protagonist James Sunderland and asked him if he would be returning to voice James in the HD Collection and if he knew anything about being re-cast. He had some blunt words for Konami and made the following response:

“Konami knows that they owe me residuals for all previous unauthorized re-uses of my mocap and vocal performances. It would appear Konami is seeking to avoid further liability by changing the voice in their latest re-use of the SH2 materials. However, if any of my mocap appears in the new release, Konami will be liable for unauthorized reuse of my performance. Like Gump’s momma said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” It would have been much better for everyone had Konami simply made me a reasonable offer…”

He added further; “I’ll get around to seeking compensation through the courts one of these days. I simply don’t have the time for it right now. I hope this doesn’t bum out any fans… It’s just business as usual on the production side of games.”

The Silent Hill HD Collection will include HD remasters of both Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. A release date  for the PS3 collection has yet to be announced.