First off, I’d like to dedicate this final part of the Mass Effect cast interviews to the memory of Brigitte Burdine, a videogame casting director who was tragically killed in a hit and run incident recently. Some of the voice actors in these interviews may have crossed paths with Brigitte during their careers and, much like the point to all of my voice actor interviews, highlighting the talents who have worked within the voice acting side of the industry is important and something rarely done in my opinion. I hope reading these interviews either reaffirms the fact or shows you that voice acting, voice directing and voice casting is a key element of the games industry. Without these kinds of people our games would have no life or soul. So take a moment and check out the games Brigitte has worked on and, as a gamer, see what kind of impact she may have had on you. Thank you.


I should go“- Commander Shepard

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Retroplayer- Keythe, besides being an actor you are also a voice director. While you have been the voice director on cartoons such as the Rugrats and As Told By Ginger gamers would know you for voice directing God Hand, God of War 1, 2, 3 and God of War: Chains of Olympus. What’s it like being on the other side of that fence and does a working knowledge in both fields give you a better understanding of the overall recording process? If so, how?

Keythe Farley (Thane)- I remember seeing Harrison Ford interviewed by Charlie Rose. Charlie asked him why he hadn’t directed any movies. Harrison answered that he didn’t want the hassle of being in charge of all of those people; he just wanted to act and then go home. Being a voice director on a video game is not even close to directing a feature film, but one still needs to be able to manage relationships between writers, producers, game directors, engineers and actors. It’s very rewarding, but sometimes it’s quite stressful. As an actor, it is your job simply to deliver your lines with clarity, precision and truth. You listen to the director and do what she says; you might have an idea for a line change that you suggest; you might have to scream your head off for four hours, so you need to know how to pace yourself and when to ask for a break. I consider myself an actors’ director, because I came up as an actor; I also consider myself a writers’ director, because I’ve written plays and movies and I understand the thought that goes in to crafting a line, a scene or a script. The best directors and actors work together to bring the writer’s intention to an audience– it’s a symbiotic relationship that should, ideally, be quite selfless.

Retroplayer- DC, you’re currently working alongside Bioware once again in Star Wars: The Old Republic which will be released sometime next year. What can we expect from your performance?

D.C Douglas (Legion)- First, not sure if I’m allowed to confirm that.  Secondly, if I were in it, I wouldn’t be a primary character.  Probably many. many smaller characters.  The game is HUGE and has hundreds of characters in this universe… So I’ve heard.  But I know nothing.

- If the Mass Effect movie goes ahead I think it goes without saying that Mordins characters would need to be either partially or completely CGI. Would reprising the role for a big screen adaptation interest you, Michael?

Michael Beattie
(Mordin)- Absolutely! If you haven’t got a sense of it already I really had a blast doing this role. I love doing comedic stuff and basically Mordin was my favourite character in the piece written-wise and getting to play him was wonderful privilege and a great opportunity. So I would love to do it again on the big screen with performance capture. There were some things when I watched footage of the game like the way he moved they hit it right on- I was doing the same thing in the booth. There were other times were I thought I’d do it somewhat differently. I would love to physicalize the character as well. That’d be my ideal actually, to do it as a performance capture.

Retroplayer- You’re currently working alongside Bioware once again in Star Wars: The Old Republic which will be released sometime next year. What can we expect from your performance?

Jennifer Hale (Commander Shepard)- mum’s the word til it’s out.

Retroplayer- Mass Effect 2 is coming to the Playstation 3 in January and Bioware says it contains some kind of introduction which will cover the events of Mass Effect 1 for those who have not played it. Did you happen to lend your voice to this and if so what can you tell us about it.?

Mark Meer (Commander Shepard)- I hate to do this to you, but I cannot comment at this time. NDA and whatnot.

Jennifer Hale (Commander Shepard)- Yes I did and nope, not telling you a thing, you’ll have to check it out!

Retroplayer- The recent download content for Mass Effect 2, The Lair of the Shadow Broker, was released to extremely favourable reviews and is said to be the first download content to bridge the gap between Mass Effect 2 & 3. Have you began working on the second bridging content and if so what can we expect?

Mark Meer (Commander Shepard)- Again, I must remain silent for the sake of my continued health. Bioware has giant killer robots.

Jennifer Hale
(Commander Shepard)- I never talk about what’s in the works on anything, it’s top secret, but let’s just say that the quality of all the writing and production on the ME stuff continues to get stronger and stronger and it was really great to begin with.

Retroplayer- Ginny, throughout these interviews various cast members are singing your praises. When working alongside a cast is it important that you get along on personal level or does the job at hand come first and foremost?

Ginny McSwain (Voice Director)- I love being Fan Girl and taking a personal interest in each actor (discussing work of theirs that I’ve enjoyed – voice over or on camera), but the work comes first.  These people have been picked for a reason and have a relatively short time to get the job done.

I’m rather strict about performances;  I hate  ”phone-in” or safe reads. I don’t care how simple or complex the copy is, acting is the key, then the voice (and ME is such a cinematic experience, it’s all real people, natural acting).  I think of myself as an actor’s director. I’m there to be their protector.  I think I understand them but, more importantly, I LIKE actors. Maybe my brief acting career gave me a better understanding of their needs – who knows?

This cast will never know how proud and honoured I was to work with each one of them.  I learned from them…they made me sharper in my job.  They are masters of interactive acting, which is its own art form.  No wonder these talented people acquire cult followings!

Retroplayer- Do you have any favourite Shepard quotes or scenes?

Mark Meer
(Commander Shepard)- The quote I usually pick is “I should go”, solely for the sheer number of times I said that phrase in the booth. The infamous reporter scenes and the scenes with Conrad Verner were fun, especially because the other characters were played by my good friends April Banigan and Jeff Page. To this day, whenever I see them, I punch April out and wave a gun in Jeff’s face.

Jennifer Hale (Commander Shepard)- “I should go.”

Retroplayer- Have you gotten much fan feedback?

Kym Hoy (Kasumi)- I am always pleasantly surprised when clips pop up on line, with links to other work that I have done because I myself am not very computer savvy and wouldn’t know how to do those things. I think it’s great and so much fun when fans are excited about my work.

D.C Douglas (Legion)- Yes I have!   I’d have to say that VG fans are the best in that they are very fervent supporters.  I’m grateful anyone actually knows my name, let alone finds me on FaceBook!

Michael Beattie (Mordin)- Yeah, I’ve got it indirectly, less so directly. I’ve had a couple of fans- maybe 8 or 10- contact me through my email and I’m always happy to engage them and talk about my experience. It’s great to have that feedback and it’s been universally very positive and people respond well to the character and really enjoy what I did with it so that’s very gratifying.

Maggie Baird (Samara)- I have gotten some and it has been really nice. The fans of Mass Effect 2 seem really cool.

Steve Blum (Grunt)- Oh yeah!  So much so that I make character cards to sign at conventions and Grunt is the next one I’ll be doing.  Out of almost 20 years of voice acting and thousands of characters, it’s a surprisingly short list.

Kimberly Brooks
(Ashley)- Quite a bit, actually. Fans seem to either love Ashley or hate her. . . there seem to be more of the latter. This is why it especially fortunate for me that I am merely the ACTOR that voices Ashley and I don’t take it personally when die hard fans are passionate in expressing their feelings about Ashley and the choices she makes.

Robin Sachs
(Zaeed)- Quite a lot, actually. All good, I’m delighted to say.

Keythe Farley (Thane)- I have a lovely group of fans at “Keythe Farley is Thane Krios” on Facebook. They’re the best! I love them all.

Fred Tatasciore (Saren)- Yes, kindly enough. I’ve been thrilled to see people respond to this character, and to this game. Everything from, “wow, what a cool deep character”, to “man, you pissed us off”, to “you freaked me out”, to a twelve year old saying, “yeah…I killed you…”.  And then there are those who get into his mindset, and forgive and accept his dilemma, respecting him, and seeing him as a tragic hero.  For an actor who works on videogames, this role is an honor, and hard to come by. I’m very pleased when people get involved, their imaginations get fired up, and hopefully we happily exceed their expectations. It is, after all, for them.

Rana McAnear
(Samara’s face model)- I get a fair amount I guess but I haven’t had too much experience in that aspect but I’ve tried to keep up on the forums and on my fan page. I really love Mass Effect fans and I mean that in all seriousness. They all seem so intelligent, there are a few not-so-nice comments out there but generally the comments are well thought out mostly about the story line (thanks Brian).

Retroplayer- Mark, I’ve read you’ve played Mass Effect for yourself and are quite the gamer. What kind of games do you play?

Mark Meer (Commander Shepard)- RPGs, almost exclusively… so getting to work on projects like the Mass Effect and Dragons Age series is a treat, to put it mildly. Of course, knowing Mass Effect and the plot lines from the inside out means that it’s sort of more fun (for me) to play DA, since there are some surprises left for me there. Outside of Bioware games, I’m currently playing Red Dead Redemption and Dead Rising 2, and am eager to get my hands on Fallout: New Vegas. Also really looking forward to DC Universe Online…

Retroplayer- On the internet there are so many Commander Shepard jokes and parodies particularly, “I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favourite ______ on the ______”. Are you aware of some of these and do you get a kick out of them?

Jennifer Hale (Commander Shepard)- No, that’s news to me, I’ll have to look them up.  I tend to head on to whatever is in my day and don’t often look at online stuff about what I’m working on.

Mark Meer (Commander Shepard)- Oh, yes. Friends tend to send me funny Mass Effect stuff they find online. I’ve had many friends request I record variations of that particular line for their voicemail messages.

Retroplayer- Have you had a chance to see or play Mass Effect for yourself?

Kym Hoy (Kasumi)- I have not played it myself, but I have seen parts of it, and in fact my neighbour has a large screen TV that I can see from my living room and I saw him playing it the other day! I also have seen bits online.

D.C Douglas (Legion)- Yes, it’s awesome!  I don’t have much time to play VGs because I’m slightly OCD and have two careers to manage!  So, I’m usually working or hustling.  But it looks great and very cinematic!  If they make a movie of ME2, though, I will need to embark on a huge campaign for the VO role in that! I’ll need the help of the ME2 fans, too!

Michael Beattie (Mordin)- Seen it, yes. I’ve seen parts of it. I’ve not played it, I’m not a gamer. I’m  just attempting some Medal of Honour: Rising Sun with my 13 year old son and I’m getting blown all over the place, it’s a scary thing! At some point I wanna do it. There’s a friend of mine he’s a big gamer, a big fan of it and I gotta go over to his place and have him walk me through it, you know- gaming for the gaming challenged.

Maggie Baird (Samara)- Bioware gave me a copy and my son has played it so I have seen it. My nephews said they followed me through the whole game which was kind of fun. I also happen to be friends with the composer of the music for it (this was a total coincidence by the way)…Jack Wall, and I do think the music is really great.

Steve Blum (Grunt)- Like I said, I’m not a gamer, but I’ve watched a lot of the game play online.  Looks AMAZING!!

Kimberly Brooks (Ashley)- A few times. . .I didn’t get very far, though. Maybe I should just stick to voicing the characters instead of trying to operate them.

Robin Sachs (Zaeed)- Nah – I’m not a big computer game player. Other than poker.

Keythe Farley (Thane)- I’ve seen many of the videos on You Tube, and am looking forward to the PS3 release next year. I almost bought an X-Box just so I could play ME2, but I’m glad I waited.

Fred Tatasciore
(Saren)- Yes I have, and I was blown away. I loved the cinematic feel and depth of it. I don’t play a lot of games (I’m actually bad at them), but by working on them, I feel like I’ve lived the game. I love the storytelling, gaming, art, animation and music that create these fantastic worlds I get to reside in. Which again makes it fun when I talk to the players about it, because it’s all about their choices, and style of playing, which yields not only a different outcome of story, but also relationship of the player to my character altogether.  It’s an interactive science fiction drama. What a ride!

- Mark, as a gamer are their any particular scenes in Mass Effect 1 or 2 that stand out in your mind?

Mark Meer (Commander Shepard)- Well, there’s the climaxes of both games, obviously… though, as a gamer, I have a fairly different experience playing the Mass Effect games than most, since I’m privy to so many details of the plot. I do enjoy stumbling upon myself in other roles  – the “Biotic God” Volus, for example. He was fun to play.

Retroplayer- Well, Mark, which was it for your on your first play through- Paragon or Renegade?

Mark Meer (Commander Shepard)- Renegade. I’ve mentioned this in other interviews, but I always play evil first in RPGs that give you any sort of choice in the matter. I think it’s so that when I do my “good” play-through, I feel as though I’m redeeming myself for all the horrific things I did on the first game.

Retroplayer- How do you want Mass Effect to be remembered?

Jennifer Hale
(Commander Shepard)- As an awesome game that’s even better when you play as the Female Shepard.

Mark Meer
(Commander Shepard)- I think that the dialogue system, and actually giving the player character spoken lines will be seen as ground-breaking, certainly. It just gives you so much more of a sense of immersion in the game. Ultimately, I’d like to think it will be remembered as the beginnings of a fictional universe which spawned an world-spanning empire that utterly dominates all media (sinister laugh).

Kym Hoy (Kasumi)- I hope Mass Effects is enjoyed by many and that the amazing work of everyone from Bioware is recognized.

D.C Douglas (Legion)- As a good husband.  God fearing.  Made a good strudel… That’s not for me to say.  More for the creators to answer.  And in all honesty, if a gig I worked on is even remembered years later, that rocks!  Pretty sure the ME series will be.

Michael Beattie (Mordin)- Hmm what did I read in some of the reviews- Space Opera, Space Soap Opera. You know, it has that Star Wars epic thing to it. I would love to see it as a movie since you mentioned it. I’d love to be in it and I’d love to watch it. I think it’d be great as a trilogy.

Maggie Baird (Samara)- I hope people continue to enjoy it and the story keeps people interested in the future editions.

Steve Blum
(Grunt)- As the game Grunt built!   Heh heh.  That too, was yet another dull Krogan joke.   Oh, I don’t know.  Maybe as a modern classic?  I think it’s well on it’s way to that status without even trying.

Kimberly Brooks
(Ashley)- As a never-ending, on-going Epic game that is constantly evolving. . . and keeping me employed!

Robin Sachs
(Zaeed)- As the lead-in to the Zaeed Massani series of DVD’s – and the feature film spin-off and long-running TV series!

Keythe Farley (Thane)- Game of the Year 2010 would be nice.  (editors note- I think we, and many other gaming websites, have that covered, Keythe!)

Fred Tatasciore (Saren)- I want people to feel they were really transported to a place. A trippy, dark, deep cinematic experience. I hope they found cool places to explore (free roaming on uncharted worlds), and found great backstories for themselves. I hope they enjoy the science exploration of  “dark energy”, organic life, and artificial intelligence. I hope people have fun playing, and engage in a game that touches on space colonization, intolerance, and freedom of thought. I want them to remember Mass Effect as a great experience.

Rana McAnear
(Samara’s face model)- To be an epic game!

Ginny McSwain
(Voice Director)- As an intelligent gamer experience, a cut above the rest.  A story that gamers found challenging as well as intriguing.

- What’s next for you?

Rana McAnear (Samara’s face model)- Where ever the cards take me! I’m always excited for new opportunities.

Anndi McAfee
(Emily Wong)- I have been working on other video games, none of which I can tell you about, including their names. Even THAT is confidential now until they are released. You can also catch me weekly (and sometimes more when they air specials) on “The Soup” with Joel McHale on E! I am the vo announcer for that show, and have been for over 3 years. I try to update my website when I can with my projects, so feel free to check back.

I am also interested in bringing attention to the voice over industry to the academic field. I have an MA in communication studies, and am currently studying for the GRES, the test required to apply for my Ph.D (in communication studies as well). After I take it, I will start writing for academic journals about the relevance and theoretical implications of the mediated sound produced by the VO industry-whose sole purpose is the manipulation and commodification of the voice. I’ll post the articles to my site as well.

Wendy Bruan
(Gianna Parasini/Arcelia Silva Martinez)- I’m coming up next in a few television shows….Men Of A Certain Age with Ray Romano, and Harry’s Law with Kathy Bates.  And a film I shot in Puerto Rico, A Perfect Getaway , which is now out on DVD. I have a few commercials and a bunch of voice-overs airing, but you might have to live in the United States to hear or see them.  When I’m not playing as an actor, I’m playing with my toddler and enjoying my family.  Life is good.  For future updates on Wendy Braun’s career, check out  Or follow Wendy on twitter at

Dave Fennoy
(Warlord Okeer/Ronald Taylor)- Next for me is more of the same, although I’ve recently had a large role in a film, “Locked Down” that is to be released in mid Nov 2010.

Shanelle Gray (Dr. Alestia Iallis)- I voiced the Voice of “Wendy” for the fast food chain for two years and now I do many various Voice Overs and when I am done having my children, I will go back to doing on camera as well! But I am going to enjoy being a mother for now.

Steve Staley
(Dr. Palon/Officer Eddie Lang)-  Right now I’m the voice for KB Homes (homebuilder in many American cities.) and do all the voice overs for their advertising. Other than that, I wish I knew what was next! Good luck with this Massive undertaking of yours and thanks for your interest and willingness to put this all together.

Patricia Zentilli (Shadow Broker DLC character)- Next up I will be playing the character of Olive in The Putnam County Spelling Bee at the Mayfield Theatre in Edmonton in the Spring of 2011.

Vanessa Marshall (Saphyria)- I am working on several games and cartoons.  Unfortunately I have signed Non Disclosure Agreements, so I am not at liberty to talk about them.  Stay tuned.  There are some really cool projects coming out!

Richard Green (Vido Santiago)- As I mentioned above, I do a lot of different things.  In voice-over I have my everyday clients like Turner Classic Movies, SpikeTV, HDNet and others.  As a producer/director I am finishing up a sizzle reel for a new TV show project I hope to get on the air.  As a musician, I am performing jazz and writing on the piano.  And then my best role – that of father, is of course ongoing.  I have a very talented son named Sam Green, who has done a number of jobs as a voice actor and now is getting into writing.  He also has begun associate producing with my company Next Step Studios.  We are lucky to have him.

Josh Dean
(Horftin/Jonn Whitson/Corporal Richard L. Jenkins/Schells)- I’m leaving for Toronto, ON to write for Wipeout: Canada! so I’ll be writing all the play by play. We’ll also be seeing what happens with “The Handlers”, the aforementioned Comedy Central project.

Simon Templeman (Admiral Han’Gerrel vas Neema/Dr. Gavin Archer)- I just did another game but it’s secret!!!

Chris Edgerly (Captain Ventralis/Cole/Powell)- Another day, another job.  I’ll be recording a couple of things this week, including an animated TV show and a commercial for a national restaurant chain.  I don’t like to get into specifics until things actually air since you never know how secretive the producers want it to be.  but I have the good fortune to audition every day and the joy of it all is that I get paid well to do what I have loved to do since I was a kid.  that is something that I’m sure every working actor says, but it’s because it’s true.

John Wright (Barla Von/Expat/Fist/Gavin Hossle)- Continue to work in the Theatre and pick up film and television work when I can

Marianne Copithorne (Calantha Blake/Dr. Ross)- I am recording the last Irrelevant Show for CBC October 22nd, Acting, directing and teaching soon, instructing new pup Sam to get along with Titus, and then heading full steam ahead into the 23rd season of the Freewill Shakespeare Festival!

Gideon Emery
(Chellick/Kenn)- Speaking gibberish for the new Sims game. Also you can catch me on screen in new movie Takers and on TV in an episode of Castle.

Yuri Lowenthal (Daniel/Prisoner 780)- Games, movies, TV, webseries, comic books and more. I have my fingers in more pies than I have fingers. You can check me out right now in CoD: Black Ops, Medal of Honor and Fallout: New Vegas and every Friday on Cartoon Network’s Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. You can also visit to check out the book and to see what we’re producing these days.

Kim Mai Guest (Hana Murakami/Captain Maeko Matsuo)- Well, I have a recurring role in a new animated series that I can’t tell you the name of yet, but I’m very excited about it and I love the character. Hopefully we’ll be recording more of that soon. I’m narrating a Catherine Fisher and a Judy Blume book for the audiobook versions for Books on Tape in the next few weeks. I just finished working on Fear 3 and Dead Space 2 DVD. And I have another game coming up this week, but I don’t know if I can say what it is yet.  And I’m putting together a website right now too. Hopefully it’ll be up by the beginning of next year. Then, I think I’m going to do another interview for an awesome Irish gaming website in the near future.

Neil Ross (Codex Narrator)- More of the same, hopefully. I read somewhere that Michael Caine once said: “You don’t leave show business, show business leaves you.” So until show business decides to leave me, I’ll just keep showing up and hoping for the best.

Peter Jessop (Sovereign/Lorik Qui’in)- I just did some characters in Resistance 3, Gears of War and the new Lord of the Rings that should be coming out soon. I’m also the voice of “the Vision” on Marvel’s new show “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”. It airs on Disney XD here in the states.

Ginny McSwain
(Voice Director)- Right now, it’s back to the animated series genre. I just completed a new rendition of G.I. Joe: Renegades for Hasbro, and I’m set to direct a new series called Motor City for Disney T.V. and Titmouse Inc., a fabulous studio.  I just pray that Hollywood continues to call…

Robin Sachs
(Zaeed)- Christmas and a whole load of voice-over work, audiobook narration and whatever my agent and manager come up with in the way of movies and TV.

Kym Hoy (Kasumi)- I continue to audition for projects daily, and I also sing in various locations around town. I hope to always to be entertaining, singing acting, and doing VOICEOVER!

Kimberly Brooks (Ashley)- One of the exciting things about be a voice actor is that you never know what project is just around the corner. Hopefully the next one will be as exciting and fulfilling a project as Mass Effect.

Maggie Baird (Samara)-  I am always writing songs and frequently performing musically in LA. also doing various acting jobs and voice overs and writing a screen play (shocking – someone in LA is writing a screenplay?) so things are always in the works around here. I would love to do another video game soon….they’re fun.

Steve Blum
(Grunt)- If I told you, I’d have to kill you.  Most of the stuff I’m working on right now is highly classified.  I guess the next thing to be released  that I’ve been authorised to talk about – would be Transformers: Prime – A really cool new CGI animated series on a new network called The Hub (replaced Discovery Kids).  I’m playing Starscream!  Woot!!  And another ridiculous season of the Super Hero Squad Show.  And some guest starring spots on the new Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!
But I promise – there will be a pile of games and other stuff comin’ too!  Stay tooned!  I’ll be posting my latest shenanigans on my website at soon!
Thanks for lettin’ me rant, rumble and spew!  And thanks for playing!  Without you guys, I’d just be doing stupid voices in my bathroom.  Well, actually I still do that…   hmmm…

Michael Beattie
(Mordin)- I have some irons in the fire. Some things I can’t talk about but I’m working on The Lorax for Universal and having a lot of fun doing that! And hopefully Mass Effect 3 will start up soon. That’d be great right?

D.C Douglas
(Legion)- Yummy chili.  It’s waiting for me downstairs.  Dinner time! Like I said, I have several games coming out in 2011 I can’t say a darn thing about yet!  I even have a gig tomorrow morning for CBS I can’t talk about yet!  I may be doing a play in early 2011 and I have several commercials running right now.  I always post updates about gigs on my Facebook page, though, if anyone’s interested. Take care! Eat your vegetables.  We can’t all be Geth.

Keythe Farley
(Thane)- I cast and voice directed DANCE CENTRAL for the new Kinect system, along with a couple of others that I’m not allowed to talk about. I’m auditioning a lot, booking some (HORNITOS Tequila, US Cellular, Publix Supermarkets etc). I’m at work on a new play, and am trying to figure out a way to mentor voice actors on line. Busy, busy!

Fred Tatasciore (Saren)- For me, I hope more of the same. I’m happy to still be guesting for “Family Guy”, “American Dad”, “The Cleveland Show”, “Clone Wars”,  “Robot Chicken”,  “The Avengers (as Hulk and Thing)”, “Batman, the Brave and the Bold”, “Penguins”, “Robot and Monster” and I’m a regular on two new shows for Nickolodeon “Planet Sheen” (as the Emperor), and “Kung Fu Panda” (as Shifu).  I’m still working on my own animations. I’ll still be working on pieces for,, and Mathnasium educational pieces. It’s been a crazy year for me, so I’m just plowing forward, there’s a lot I want to do, and I’m so grateful for the forum for it.  And I’m really grateful for the opportunity to talk about Saren and Mass Effect, thank you so much for your kind interest. I hope this works for you!

Jennifer Hale (Commander Shepard)- Working on several things right now, a couple of games and a couple of cartoon series among them.  Can’t talk about the games yet, but the animated shows include ‘Batman Beyond’, ‘Generator Rex’, ‘The Avengers’ and ‘Green Lantern’.

Mark Meer (Commander Shepard)- I’m currently home in Canada finishing up recording the latest season of The Irrelevant Show, CBC Radio’s national sketch comedy show, which I write for and perform in. If I may be so bold as to shamelessly plug, The Irrelevant Show is now available as a podcast from CBC and is hilarious. I’ll also be returning for my second season on Caution: May Contain Nuts, a TV sketch show that airs on APTN (we just got the official green light from the network on that this week, actually). I’ll be doing more recording for Bioware on the new Dragon Age game, with the bulk of my Mass Effect 3 voice work waiting in the not-too-distant future. Plus, plenty of improv… I’m currently developing a Dungeons & Dragons-inspired improv show with Rapid Fire Theatre, and continuing to tour with “The Harold of Galactus” (no, that’s not a typo), a superhero comic book-based improv show I created with my friend Chris Craddock. If you know both improv and comics, that title is achingly funny, trust me. I’ll also be in England in January for the annual London Improvathon, a 50-hour long show at Hoxton Hall (January 21-23, 2011), produced by The Sticking Place in co-operation with Ken Campbell’s School of Night and my one of my improv troupes from Edmonton, Die-Nasty. Many of the performers (including me) do the entire weekend without sleep – it’s quite an experience!


So, that’s it. After months of working on these interviews it’s finally done. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would have gotten it all together so I’m quite proud of the end result. I send out 70 emails, tweets, facebook pms and carrier pigeons in total. In fact, the only main actor I didn’t find an avenue in contacting was Liz Sroka who plays Tali. Granted not every one of the main actors are here but I did my very best to deliver to you the most definitive Mass Effect cast interview (so far). In doing these interviews I not only wanted the main cast whom we all know and love but also as many supporting voice actors as I possibly could. Most, despite having smaller roles than the main cast, are well known names in the voice acting world and by tracking them down it hit me how prolific each of them are. I’d like to thank them all. Seriously, believe me when I tell you that each and every one of them were an absolute pleasure to deal with. In doing these interviews it simply reaffirmed my opinion of the sheer quality of Mass Effects voice direction and acting. It’s next to none and this well oiled machine helmed by the amazingly talented Ginny McSwain should be more than ready to finish the fight for Mass Effect 3. I’d also like to thank Bioware for delivering, in this writers opinion, the finest gaming expereince of this generation. I know I’ll be first in line when Shepard-my Shepard- takes the final fight to the Reapers. Finally though, I’d like to thank you! Thanks for reading these interviews and in doing so supporting The Gaming Liberty. If you’re new to our website we do hope you stick around as in 2011 I plan on having more content like this. And yes, I will have more Mass Effect interviews. Which ones, you ask? I’ll follow up on voice actors who slipped through my fingers this time and, well, I won’t go into it! Let’s not tip off the other websites, eh?

Again, thank you so much to everyone who took part in the interviews. It was a blast, extremely interesting and slightly wonderfully surreal chatting to you all. Oh and finally, here’s a little bonus! This is the audio Michael Beattie (Mordin) sent me which I transcribed for these interviews. He gave me the go ahead to post this so I hope you enjoy it. And yes, he does the voice!