Psssssssststststssststssssss……………!!!!!!!!!!…………(spits out his coffee)

This month’s Officical Playstation Magazine has published a real whopper of a rumour. Apparently, they have it that Solid Snake’s first three Playstation era adventures (MGS 1,2,3) are getting the HD remake treatment. Such a Metal Gear Solid Trilogy HD Collection would be in the game vain as the Sly Cooper, God of War and forthcoming Ico/Shadow of The Colossus HD reworkings.

The mag has heard ‘inside whispers’ about the collection. It reports that Snake and co are “in the facelift queue” and that the “first three” MGS games are going to get the PS3 HD release they so deserve. Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima spent the morning revisiting the MGS franchise by posting pictures of old Metal Gear design briefs online. Maybe he’s planning a HD revisit aswell.

If this is true then I finally have a reason to get out of my cardboard box and engage with life all over again.