Did you enter our recent once in a lifetime Red Dead: Redemption competition? If so, then you’d want to check below because you could be a winner. We asked people to send us a “reason why you should win” and you just wouldn’t believe some of the reasons. We have picked the best of the best though and you can find them below. Giving us not only a good laugh, the entries below contained some real honesty, emotion and more and that’s why we say a collective congratulations to:

  • Phil Ware: First place
  • Paddy Murphy: Second place
  • Andrew Delling: Third place

Check your emails guys! I’s implores you!

We also have to issue a HUGE thank you to the people that made this possible. I could be mentioning names all day long but it’s safe to say without the kind nature, time and humbling generosity of friends we have recently made – this wouldn’t have been possible. You guys are awesome.