Limerick based developer’s Open Emotion Studios has announced that their promising up and coming PS3/PSP Mini title Mad Blocker Alpha: Revenge of the Fluzzles has been delayed.

Open Emotion’s Paddy Murphy sent TGL over a statement explaining the delay. Here’s what he had to say:

“Hey guys,

Just issuing out a bit of a statement about the Delay of our PSP Mini, Mad Blocker Alpha: Revenge of the Fluzzle’s. We are really saddened by the fact that we ran into some bugs late in development and have had to take a few extra days to iron these out. The reason for the possible delay is entirely our own fault and Sony are doing their utmost to try and help us still get the game out as soon as possible. Essentially, there was a problem with the save game function and we could have probably scrapped the save game and had all the levels open from the start and only saved high scores, but after building (what we feel to be) a very well constructed story mode we felt it may do more damage than good to release the game with all the levels unlocked from the beginning. All things going well we will have a new official release in the next week and if things go really well, then it may still see its release pre-christmas, but unfortunately we cannot be 100% of that anymore. At the latest the game will be released in January. Thanks to everyone who has shown support to us about this and also as a reward we are unveiling a new game over on Facebook, twitter and on our website tomorrow and we’d love for you guys to check it out as we’re hoping to get the community involved in some of the decisions in that game much like I did with some of the music in Mad Blocker Alpha. Thanks for your time and hope you guys will really enjoy Mad Blocker Alpha when it does see its release in the next month or two.

Paddy Murphy,
CEO, Open Emotion Studios”

Don’t fret. Open Emotion has sent on three new screens to keep us going in the mean time. This will be awesome.