Limerick based developers Open Emotion Studios has released the first in-game screens of their extremely promising PS3/PSP Mini title Mad Blocker Alpha: Revenge Of The Fluzzles and we can exclusively share them with you here on TGL.

We have six screens to share with you, all of which show off the game’s intuitive and distinctive aesthetic.

We also have an additional treat to share with you, a snippet of music from the game’s Fake Path Mountain Stage. Is it just me or does this sound like Muse before they started to embellish every last riff, every last tempo and every last percussive rhythm? It sounds amazing. How did they make something that sounds this original and huge fit on your tiny PSP?!

Mad Blocker Alpha: ROTF is still on track for a Pre-Christmas 2010 release.  As soon as we get a release date we will bring it to you ASAP.

Fake Path Mountain Stage 2 (Final Bounce)