Mad Blocker Alpha: Revenge of The Fluzzles is scheduled for a winter 2010 release on PS3 and PSP and this morning Limerick based developers Open Emotion Studios released a brand new screen and some new info to get us all in the mood. If you played the original Mad Blocker then your in luck, The Bumba Head is back.

“Mad Blocker Alpha is going to contain 4 individual types of area, 2 of which have been revealed thus far, “The Mountains” and “The Forest”. In Story mode you must play through 4 stages in each area, each with its own criteria for winning, such as a Time Limit to reach a certain score or getting a certain amount of Chains. The way that these levels progress is that in each stage the backdrop explains a bit about whats happening. We didn’t want to ram exposition down people’s throats, so in Mad Blocker Alpha there is an over arching story that is told through little story book style cut-scenes, but we wanted people to be able to fill in the gaps through the in game backgrounds.” writes Paddy Murphy, CEO of Open Emotion over on the dev’s blog.

“Essentially a mysterious stranger has sent the Fluzzle’s across the land to defeat an evil race called the Moke’s who are poisoning the land. The Fluzzle’s do this by morphing into blocks and popping to generate natural energies, which are then used to bring the great “Bumba” back into the land. There are five great Bumba statues and they have been trapped by the Moke’s. Upon releasing the “Bumba Head” the Fluzzle’s restore life to the land and also the mighty Bumba turns the Moke’s responsible to stone. In the attached image you can see a strange stone figure, this is a Moke that has been transformed into stone by Lord Bumba.”

Stay tuned folks, new Mad Blocker Alpha: ROTF info is going to be coming thick and fast over the next few weeks. Expect details on the game’s Endless and Tower modes later this week. Bring it.

Here’s a snippet from the game’s Mountain Stage: Bumba, an arrangement of the Original Mad Blocker theme song. This sounds freakin’ fantastic. Gorgeous stuff. More info on Mad Blocker as we get it.