Halo Reach is coming September 14th but it might not have been coming at all. Bungie’s Brian Jarrard has said that at one time the Halo developers considered jumping straight into Halo 4 after Halo 3. Halo 4 would have starred Master Chief. Instead, Bungie decided to chance tact with the result being Reach.

“Even before the idea to build a game based around Reach came about, a lot of other concepts were explored, up to and including a proper Halo 4, where Master Chief was going to wake up from cryo-sleep and we were going to tell that story”, Jarrard told MTV Games.

Instead, Halo 4 never made it out of pre-production because, according to Jarrard, “it just wasn’t as interesting to the team to just pick up where that left off and all the baggage that came with it.”

Reach is a way better idea if you ask us. Thanks but no thanks Master Chief. You’ve had your day in the sun.