It seems that the whole this is a joke – according to Jaffe. Going twitter mad to cover the tracks of Pachter’s mistake, Jaffe tweeted the following:

“Amused & surprised people not seeing Pachter’s comment as the joke it was. Hell I don’t care. Come E3 I’ll be sitting right here at my Mac.”

Well now, who to believe? Something tells us that we might indeed see Twisted Metal born again but it might not be the Twisted Metal we all love as pointed out by Jaffe after a remark made by someone on twitter [about being a fan of the old games]:

“if it were a total revamp of the game, wouldn’t that make it a different game than the 1 u r a fan of?”

Although he does make reference to the game as “it it were”, indicating that it is indeed possible, the message seems quite cold, foreboding so to speak so maybe he is telling the truth? Either way we only have two weeks to wait to find out once and for all.

–Original post–

It looks like game analyst Michael Pachter has revealed that David Jaffe’s highly anticipated Eat, Sleep and Play PS3 game is a new Twisted Metal game.

Speaking on GameTrailer’s Bonus Round with Geoff Keighley, Pachter let the information slip when talking about Sony’s prospects for E3 next month.

“So, I think… Sony really does have good first-party content, none-Move first-party content like David Jaffe’s Twisted Metal 2 Game.”

After the foot in mouth moment, Pachter smiled while Keighley just looked on in utter pale faced shock, saying nothing but eh…………… “It’s not announced.” Good cover up job there Geoff.

Pachter then continued to dig an even deeper hole for himself.

“Whatever it’s going to be called. Sorry Jaffe. Jaffe called me his bitch the last time I saw him, so bitch that Jaffe.”

Looks like Pachter is very much the ‘Don’t bitch with a bitch’ type. Something tells me David won’t be happy with Mr. Pachter outting his highly anticipated title. Expect a reaction from Jaffe by the end of the weekend.