Check this out. This month’s issue of the Official Playstation Magazine which should hit shelves this week, teases a reveal for a new unannounced horror sequel for next month’s issue. Now the only horror sequel I want to hear about is Dead Space 2 and I think I may have gotten my wish. As you can see from the image below from the mag, there’s what appears to be a tentacled creature (a Necromorph?) framed by three shapes which look like chief protagonists Isaac’s mask from the original Dead Space. So it could be Dead Space right? Well yes, but even more conclusive is the second image below which is some early concept art for the original Dead Space game. It looks to me to be the same tentacled creature in the Playstation mag teaser. Dead Space 2 is coming folks. Expect a big reveal before the end of the year. This has TGL very excited.