The Saboteur is a strange game. In one hand you have yet another WW2 game on the horizon..but..we still feel excited about this. You play as Sean Devlin (Yes and Irishman) and you are essentially part of the resistance Official_Saboteur_Game_Cover_Artagainst Nazi occupation. Although gameplay is at best sketchy, we think that this is a title worth looking forward to.Areas in the game seem to operate on the “Will to fight” basis, meaning, when you liberate, free and hasstle the Nazis, the Will to Fight meter goes up. The “dark” area of the map, dark been symbolic of the feeling there will brighten and people will find, vouch and defend you. It sounds similar to the fantastic Red Faction: Guerilla game, and although that “civilian” system was flawed, it did allow the people that defended you to give you a 5 second breather to allow your life to regenerate.

As some might be quick to know, it is developed by Pandemic Studios who are responsible for the shawdy and much dissapointing Mercenaries game. We however like to give people the benifit of the doubt and hope for the best! With a release date of December the 8th..we shall know soon! Let the pie-throwing begin!