Highly anticipated RPG-Shooter Borderlands dropped in Ireland today and while you can expect the definite TGL verdict over the next few days you can’t expect the title to ever see the light of day on your Nintendo Wii.

Brian Martel vice president of Gearbox has been quoted in an interview saying that; ‘You don’t want to feel like you’re milking the product just to get it on the Wii, especially if it doesn’t really help the game. There are probably some areas of (Borderlands) that could really (work with the Wii-mote) and be really excellent for it. We’d have to really consider it, I don’t think it’d be the same game at all. We’re not gonna do it……just because.’

Weve all heard of developers not porting titles because of hardware contraits, hardware limitations and hardware beefs but ‘just because’ is the most interesting excuse ive heard in a while.

Borderlands is available as of today for Xbox 360, PC and Playstation3, but ultimately not for Wii.